Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend sessions at CFS?

CFS services are free, but if a counselor refers you to services elsewhere, charges for those services are the employee's responsibility. Of course, you may use health insurance to pay for those services when appropriate.

Is everything really confidential?

All CFS services are confidential within limits imposed by state and federal laws. In most cases, state and federal laws prohibit CFS from revealing any information about you without your consent. Your CFS counselor will discuss legally required exceptions to confidentiality with you at your first meeting, or you may download the Informed Consent form and bring it with you to your first meeting to discuss any questions you might have. Please feel free to bring up the topic of confidentiality with your counselor at any time.

Can I attend counseling sessions at CFS during work hours?

You may be released from work hours if it is not critical to your job pending your supervisor or manager's agreement. You may also utilize employee leave time for the purpose of attending sessions.