Counseling for Supervisors

Although you might have done your best to keep your workplace running smoothly, relationships between employees remain problematic, or an employee's job performance is not optimal, or you become aware of an employee's personal problem. CFS offers administrative counseling services to faculty and staff members in supervising positions, such as managers, program directors, and department chairs. Our staff is committed to assessing and meeting the needs of supervisors, and we offer consultation or training in the following fields: 

  • Making appropriate referrals to CFS
  • Early identification of troubled employees based upon impaired job performance
  • Recognizing substance abuse in the workplace
  • Debriefing after traumatic events

If you are a supervisor, manager, program director, or department chair and would like to learn more information about whether or not our services will meet your administrative needs, please feel free to call us or to contact our director, Tandrea Carter, Ph.D., directly at